In Case of an Accident

Safety First
The most important thing is to remain at the scene of an accident if your vehicle is involved. Send others for help especially if you are injured. Worry first about the passengers in the vehicles and their immediate safety. Turn off ignition switches to avoid a risk of fire. Do not attempt to move seriously injured persons unless their vehicle is on fire. Wait for the police and ambulance(s) to arrive. (If you are in a remote area and there are significant injuries, attempt to minimize bleeding or administer CPR if necessary).


What to do:

  • Turn on Your Warning/Emergency Flashers.
  • Call your local Police Department to file an official accident report for your insurance company.
  • Immediately notify your insurance company to report a claim or to notify them of the accident.
  • Exchange contact and insurance information with other driver(s).
  • Take photos of all vehicle damages, along with the scene and/or property.
  • Be sure to obtain any witness’ names and contact information.


What Not to do:

  • Do NOT move any injured person(s).
  • Do NOT discuss the circumstances of the accident with anyone except the police.
  • Do NOT leave the scene of any accident.
  • Do NOT drive your vehicle for any distance, unless you are positive it is safe.
  • Do NOT sign any repair authorization until you fully understand and agree with what you are signing.
  • Do NOT ever accept any form of payment for your vehicles repairs until you have obtained a collision estimate from your trusted Auto Body Shop.